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Chicago Theatre Standards

The Chicago Theatre Standards is a tool used to nurture communication, safety, respect, and accountability of participants at all levels the acting community. It seeks to create awareness and systems that respect and protect the human in the art – to foster safe places to do dangerous things. It is an open source document and we have adapted the Chicago Theatre Standards for The WholeHearted Actor.

Its mission is to create: 

  • Spaces free of harassment, whether it be sexual, or based in race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, color, or ability

  • Nurturing environments that allow us to challenge ourselves, our audiences, and our communities; that support risk of mind and body; and that establish the freedom to create theatre that represents the full range of human experience

  • A common understanding of practices for theatre environments, including written, reproducible standards available at no cost

  • Peer support through mentorship and collaboration through online communication and community outreach.

PLEASE NOTE: The Original Chicago Theatre Standards document was developed for producing theatre organizations, and as such, all content pertaining to the dressing room, backstage, performance elements have been removed or adapted to reflect our coaching, taping, and classroom environments. To learn more about the original Chicago Theatre Standards and their founders please check out:

What is a WholeHearted Actor?

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