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Commitment to Anti-Racism

Here at The WholeHearted Actor

 I want actors, and community members to feel valued, appreciated, and honored as their whole, authentic selves. I understand that for actors to perform truly brave and innovative work, it is essential that they are embraced, accepted, and advocated for regardless of their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodivergence, disability, citizenship, or any other aspect which makes them unique.  I commit to making the conscious decision to make frequent, consistent, equitable choices daily. These choices require ongoing self-awareness and self-reflection as I move through life. I commit to combating discriminatory treatments, unfair policies, and biased practices based on race that result in inequitable outcomes for whites over Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and extend considerably beyond prejudice.


I stand in full opposition to the systematic marginalization of people of color, specifically Black artists.
I  understand that as a part of the acting industry, I operate as a cog in that system.
I commit to actively participating in the dismantling of institutionalized racism through disrupting my own biases,  and educating myself through on-going training.
I am committed to supporting communities without access to generational wealth both artistically and financially.
I commit to supporting, advocating, and amplifying Black Voices.
I stand for cultivating inclusivity.
I embrace cultural differences are essential perspectives to be valued.
I believe that our work as storytellers demands I hold a safe space for all.
I understand that I am called to call out racism and inequality wherever I find it, including within myself.
I hold space for the Black Community and other marginalized communities of Color.
And I open myself to deep listening and receptivity to being called in to make change.
I stand with compassion, and a willingness to face some uncomfortable truths about my own privilege.
I understand that allyship is a verb, and something that must be committed to daily.

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