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The Mission of
WholeHearted Actor

The WholeHearted Actor's mission is to support the growth and training of actors while advocating for their personal, mental, physical and emotional wellness. The WholeHearted Actor seeks to provide actors high caliber professional training that is both sustainable and joyful.  We provide Trauma Informed, Consent Forward, Actor Driven training - in the hopes that every actor work in a safe environment that is free from harm.  The WholeHearted Actor seeks to train actors to achieve consistent, grounded performances while also fortifying their mindsets for resilience in the industry.

What does it mean to be a WholeHearted Actor?

What is a WholeHearted Actor?


Yellow Heart

Acting Driven Training for The WholeHearted Actor means building a process that is personal to the actor. It means that actors are encouraged to discover their own path into the work.  It means allowing actors to lead with exploration to build their own unique interpretation of the text.  Actor driven processes mean that actors have the freedom to follow their instincts in the moment.

   • We are dedicated to making unapologetic choices. 

   •  We believe there is no 'one size fits all' approach to this work.

   • We allow ourselves to stay open and available to new impulses and responses.

   • We believe that text lives within breath and the body.

   • We believe that each scene has unlimited interpretations.

   • We trust, that the only way to create grounded performances is through playful experimentation.

   • We are dedicated to creating tangible processes to step in the work that is both consistent and sustainable.

   • We know creating a thorough process allows us to trust our work & leave it behind as we enter a scene.

   • We value the actor's personal discoveries through creative exploration over any prescriptive direction.

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